We recognise the variety of evidence that can be provided, and the impact claims that can be made from that. For example, it may be that you have captured your theory-of-change, and the key assumptions that lie behind it. Alongside that, you may have used education research to understand whether these assumptions are plausible.


Or, you may be systematically gathering pre-and-post data that allows you to make claims of correlation between what you do, and the impact you see.


Alternatively, you may be working with impact evaluation experts to run trials with some form of comparison or control group. 

The award will be made in the form of a grant. We expect the grant monies to be used primarily to grow the impact of your organisation. This will be incorporated in the grant payment conditions.

Award winners will be announced in February of 2019

Your application will initially be reviewed by a team from the Queen Rania Foundation, who will assess its eligibility and promise. They may get in touch with you if they have any questions. The most high potential applications will then be assessed by our judging panel.

We will try our best to notify you as soon as possible of the outcome of every stage.

Of course! This competition is open to organisations that are aiming to achieve financial sustainability primarily through a commercial model. We recognise that there are a number of routes to that - for example, a subscription model, an advertising based model, a licensing model, or simply charging a ‘mark-up’ on products or services bought. Your paying customers could be learners, parents, schools, local governments, central ministries, advertising agencies, or a mix of these.

We recognise the important role that grants and other forms of non-financial support can play in nurturing a new business. That you have been in receipt of these forms of support does not affect your eligibility to enter this competition.


However, this competition isn’t for you if your sustainable business model is dependent on receiving ongoing grant support.

Not this time, sorry. The purpose of this competition is to recognise the achievements of businesses with a social impact in education and learning. That is, organisations whose primary source of financial sustainability is achieved through commercial business models, as opposed to grants.

We recognise that you can operate a commercial business model as either a for-profit or a not-for-profit. We welcome both.

We’re afraid not. This competition is about recognising the achievements of start-ups / businesses that already have a meaningful number of users. We encourage you to keep working on your idea, and consider joining a local or regional hackathon event, or an incubator/accelerator programme. Keep it up!