Assessment Criteria and Scoring

We will judge the competition using the following criteria

Your Innovation

up to 25 points

Recognition of the opportunity
Have you identified, and understood, a substantial opportunity to improve outcomes for learners?

Does your approach address the opportunity in a new, and better, way? Or, does it meet a need that is currently not addressed?

Your impact to Date

up to 37.5 points

Evidence of a sustainable business model
What convincing, real-world, evidence do you have that your work is, or will eventually, be sustainable on an ongoing basis?

How many learners have you helped to date?

Evidence of impact
What evidence do you have that your approach delivers, or is likely to deliver, its intended outcomes?

Your Scaling Potential

up to 37.5 points
Access and equity
How accessible and relevant is what you do to a broad section of learners within the Arab world?
Your team
To what extent does your team demonstrate an ability to scale and get things done, while maintaining a focus on the learner?

Your scaling plans
How ambitious and rigorous are your scaling plans?

(By rigour, we mean the extent to which your growth plans are built on an accurate understanding of the market you operate in, the opportunities and challenges that it provides, and how you plan to respond to these.)