Five Tips For Your Application To The Education Entrepreneurs Competition

Mark Griffiths
Tips for applicants

We know there are great education businesses working across the Arab world to improve outcomes for learners. We want to hear from you, so here are our tips for making an application:

ONE: The only thing we ultimately care about is outcomes - for learners

We want to understand what your product or service does - but we also want it to be perfectly clear how that allows learners to know, do or achieve what they otherwise wouldn’t. In other words, what makes your product/service unique and impactful?

We recognise there are many ways you can achieve that. For example, you may work directly with learners, help teachers be more effective, or equip parents to help their child.

Whatever, help us see the logical connection between your offer and its ultimate impact.

two: We are interested in your achievements so far and your potential. Tell us about both.

Ideally the one (your potential) is evidenced by the latter (what you’ve achieved to date).

THREE: Data, examples and proof points mean more to us than assertions

Your application is potentially the first step that will lead to us talking to you about your team, speaking to your customers and asking to see your growth plans. From your application we need to work out whether we should progress your application to this stage.

Simply, the more evidence you can give us right now, the more likely it will be that this will happen.

FOUR: We don’t want words for the sake of them, but please take the time to explain

We’ve said we value conciseness and clarity. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to understand. Feel free to use the full word count if you need that to set out your case!

FIVE: Use a critical friend, and imagine you’re us

We’re diligent readers, and we care passionately about this topic. Please treat us as interested intelligent readers.

We -- and our judges -- will also need to make important decisions about allocating the grant awards. What information would you like to see if you were us? What challenging questions may we get asked, and what would your response be?

If you’ve just read ten applications in a row, what would you like to see that would make you lift your head up and say to a colleague ‘this one really excites me!’