Education Entrepreneurs In The Arab World - Interview With Nidal Khalifeh

Fadia Hamdi

We believe that in order to push the wheel of education reform, a collective effort is required and that is why we launched the Queen Rania Award for Education Entrepreneurship. Through this award, QRF hopes to recognise and support innovative approaches making a real difference in the lives of learners, whether they are in kindergarten, school, or looking to learn new skills to prepare them for their next job.


That is why we met up with Nidal Khalifeh, CEO of EDaura. A true believer of  teacher-centric solutions for student-centric results as well as a great example on how entrepreneurship and innovation go hand-in-hand when a solution for a problem is offered.


EDaura is an app that helps educators utilize their time and connect with their learners through; chat, resource sharing, assignment correction & distribution and managing course outlines. 

EDaura is a true testament on how impact in education can be achieved by improving the way people teach & learn. Today universities, schools, and professional training academies use EDaura to measure & improve learners’ skills. It is easy to use and offers a swift implementation process that simplifies the integration of technology in education.