Education Entrepreneurs in the Arab World - Interview with Hanan Khader

Nafez Dakkak

Our objective from launching this competition is to recognise the achievements and potential of the ‘home- grown’ education businesses in the Arab World who combine social impact with sustainable business models.

A great example is Hanan Khader from Hello World Kids (HWK), a vibrant Jordanian organisation that provides the curriculum, resources and training to allow children and adolescents to move from passive consumers, to active creators, of the digital world. 

They are an example of the best of what an entrepreneurial approach to delivering social value can achieve. Beginning with a recognition of an unmet need and an impatience with the status quo, they have realised a social purpose alongside a sustainable business model. They also have a keen eye on the future - as well as learning how to code, students are problem solving, thinking in terms of systems, collaborating and analyzing. In short, they are learning the types of skills that we will need more of in the future.

Hello World Kids have already reached 40,000 learners in Jordan alone and expect to reach 150,000 next year.

To our minds, that’s impact worth having!